U.S. Headquarters Office

Executive Team

President and CEO
Kim Atkins
Vice President and COO
Abigail Appleton
Executive Assistant

Ethanol and Economics

Brian Healy
Director of Global Ethanol Market Development
Manager of Ethanol Export Programs
Candice Wilson
Manager of Ethanol Trade Policy
Ethanol Programs Coordinator

Global Strategies

Kurt Shultz
Senior Director of Global Strategies
Manager Of Global Strategies and Trade
Manager of Global Trade
Katy Wyatt
Manager of Global Strategies

Global Programs

Cary Sifferath
Senior Director of Global Programs
Stella Qian
Manager of Trade Teams
Emily Byron
Manager of Global Programs
Ivy Torres
Global Programs Coordinator

Trade Policy and Biotechnology

Floyd Gaibler
Director of Trade Policy and Biotechnology
Allison Nepveux
Manager of Trade Policy


Melissa George Kessler
Director of Strategic Relations
Bryan Jernigan
Director of Communications
Communications Manager


Lyndsey Erb
Director of Industry Relations
Maria Murphy
Manager of Membership Administration
Rebecca Kane
Meeting Manager
Membership and Communications Coordinator

Finance & Administration

Helen Elmore
Director Finance, Administration
Donna Braswell
Manager of Overseas Accounting
Manager of Domestic Accounting
Mevis Clark
Accounting Coordinator
Pooja Pokharel
Manager of Program Funding
Receptionist and Administrative Assistant