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Corn DDGS is a unique feed ingredient that is not only an excellent, abundant, and economical source of energy, protein, and phosphorus in diets for all animals, but it also contains many “value-added” properties that provide additional animal health and environmental benefits.

This 4th edition of the U.S. Grains Council DDGS User’s Handbook provides a detailed, comprehensive summary with in-depth nutritional insights and new discoveries from over 1,500 published scientific papers since 2010.

Prior versions of the complete handbook are also available in the following languages to download (PDF format):  SpanishKorean and Turkish.

Download the DDGS User Handbook, updated in May 2018, (English) below, including breakdowns for individual chapters.

USGC DDGS Handbook – PDF All Chapters

Title Page and Preface

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Role of U.S. DDGS in Precision Animal Nutrition and Feeding the World Sustainably

Chapter 2: The “Disconnect” Between DDGS Price and Economic Value

Chapter 3: Dry-Grind Production of Ethanol, Distillers Corn Oil, and Corn Co-Products

Chapter 4: Chemical Composition and Energy Value of Distillers Corn Oil for Swine and Poultry

Chapter 5: Emerging Technologies in Ethanol Production and Nutritional Composition of the High Protein Corn Co-Products Produced

Chapter 6: Nutrient Composition and Variability of Reduced-Oil Corn DDGS Sources

Chapter 7: Recommended Laboratory Analytical Procedures for DDGS

Chapter 8: Comparison of Nutrition and Quality Differences Between China vs. U.S. DDGS Sources

Chapter 9: Physical and Chemical Characteristics Related to Handling and Storage of DDGS

Chapter 10: DDGS Color IS NOT a Reliable Indicator of DDGS Quality and Nutritional Value

Chapter 11: Feed Safety of DDGS

Chapter 12: Benefits and Concerns of Sulfur in DDGS

Chapter 13: Reduced-Oil DDGS in Aquaculture Diets

Chapter 14: Extruding Aquaculture Diets Containing DDGS

Chapter 15: Reduced-Oil DDGS in Beef Cattle Diets

Chapter 16: Enscherichia coli 0157:H7 and Listeria monocytogenes Shedding in Beef and Dairy Cattle

Chapter 17: Reduced-Oil DDGS in Dairy Cattle Diets

Chapter 18: Reduced-Oil DDGS in Broiler and Layer Diets

Chapter 19: Pelleting DDGS Diets for Poultry

Chapter 20: DDGS in Duck and Geese Diets

Chapter 21: Reduced-Oil DDGS in Swine Diets

Chapter 22: Pelleting DDGS Diets for Swine

Chapter 23: Use of Enzymes in DDGS Diets for Poultry and Swine

Chapter 24: DDGS in Sheep and Goat Diets

Chapter 25: DDGS in Horse, Rabbit, and Dog Diets

Chapter 26: Impact of Diet Formulation Methods on Assessing Value of DDGS

Chapter 27: The Role of DDGS in Environmental Sustainability

Chapter 28: Factors that Affect DDGS Pricing and Transportation Logistics

Chapter 29: Summary of U.S. Grains Council Sponsored International Reduced-Oil DDGS Feeding Trials

Chapter 30: Frequently Asked Questions about DDGS

Chapter 31: U.S. Suppliers of DDGS

Chapter 32: Glossary of Terms

Chapter 33: Website Links

Chapter 34: Key Review Articles and Additional Reading

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