Mission and Values

Mission Statement

The U.S. Grains Council:

  • Developing Markets
  • Enabling Trade
  • Improving Lives

Statement of Culture and Values

The U.S. Grains Council:

  • Is an inclusive organization of corn, sorghum, barley producers and agribusiness organizations.
  • Is a membership driven organization.
  • Supports free and fair trade worldwide.
  • Conducts its business in an ethical and honest manner.
  • Respects the cultural and economic needs of our international customers.
  • Actively pursues and supports alliances with organizations of like interest worldwide.
  • Administers FAS market development programs and is the steward of funds
  • for FAS.
    Treats its employees with respect in a fair and equitable manner.
  • Is led by the board of directors on policy development and served by the CEO and staff in carrying out its mission.

Trade Ambassadors – Be the most relevant, passionate and trusted ambassadors for free and fair trade between U.S. agriculture and our customers around the world.

Professionalism – Develop and provide an inclusive and diverse teamwork environment for the very best and brightest professionals and empower them, as well as the mission of the U.S. Grains Council, to succeed.

Collaboration – Listen to all our members and never lose sight of why American farmers are in business as we collaboratively work with them to continually improve grain sales, farmer profitability and trade policies.

Improving Lives – Take pride in the lives we improve, the mouths we help feed and the agriculture we advance throughout all parts of the world, including right here at home.

Global – Working around the clock and around the globe to ensure U.S. farmers are represented and their customers are served in every country desiring our products.

Forward Thinking – Never rest on our laurels and be relentlessly forward thinking and innovative, always daring to break even the toughest barriers and anticipating our members’ and customers’ needs before they even know they have a need.

Engagement – As a team of leading global thinkers, work aggressively to be recognized experts on trade policy issues all around the world so we can effectively engage influential decision makers for mutual success.

Volunteers – Instill a mutual respect for our loyal volunteers who are some of agriculture’s strongest and most accomplished leaders, always remembering to listen, value their time and thoughts, and say “Thank you.”

Partnerships – Reach out and foster partnerships that build valued, long-lasting relationships with U.S. corn, sorghum and barley farmers, and leaders, agribusinesses, policymakers and administrators, as well as our international customers and partners.

Trust – Perform as an integrity-driven, ethical organization where nothing we say, publish or do is ever in question and where our objectivity and fiscal responsibility is transparent to all we serve.