Industrial Starch Industry

U.S. Corn Outperforms Other Origin Corn

Worldwide, the industrial corn starch industry is worth more than $70 billion. There are 28 industrial starch plants located in the U.S. and another 49 located globally outside of the U.S. These plants use approximately 90 MMT (3.5 billion bushels) of corn annually.

In research conducted by the University of Illinois’ Integrated Bioprocessing Research Laboratory, corn samples (destination samples) were collected from the warehouse of industrial starch plants from around the world. Samples of U.S., Argentinean, Brazilian, and Ukrainian corn were taken for analysis.

With two years of data, the results are conclusive, that U.S. corn outperforms other origin corn in terms of starch extractability. U.S. corn gives higher starch yields and shorter processing times, both of which increase the overall profitability of industrial plants.

Superior Performance of U.S. Corn in Industrial Starch

U.S. Corn's Advantages for the Starch Industry