U.S. producers of barley, corn and sorghum have been practicing conservation for decades, operating within the robust legislative and regulatory framework of the U.S. agricultural system, and are committed to sustainability. The Council is eager to help build partnerships across international supply chains and together address the challenge of feeding the world sustainably.


USGC is committed to contributing to global climate efforts by working with its members and international stakeholders to address sustainability challenges in the food, feed, fuel and fiber international supply chains.

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U.S. corn production is based on a national system of sustainability and conservation laws and regulations that guarantee high environmental standards and legal compliance in farming.

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Sustainability is inherent for barley growers, many of which have years of experience working the land on family farms that have operated for generations.

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Sorghum is a resilient grain well suited to thrive in a changing climate with uncertain growing conditions. It is resistant to heat and drought, reduces soil erosion, improves soil health and conserves wildlife.

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