Corn Export Cargo Quality Report 2017/2018


Official aflatoxin results are provided by FGIS for this 2017/2018 Export Cargo Report. For the aflatoxin testing, a sample of at least 10 pounds of shelled corn is used according to FGIS official procedures. The 10-pound sample is ground using a FGIS-approved grinder. Following the grinding stage, two 500-gram ground portions are removed from the 10-pound comminuted sample using a riffle divider. From one of the 500-gram ground portions, a 50-gram test portion is randomly selected for testing. After adding the proper extraction solvent to the 50-gram test portion, aflatoxins are quantified. The following FGIS-approved quantitative test kits may have been used: Charm Sciences, Inc. ROSA® FAST, WET-S3 or WET-S5 Aflatoxin Quantitative Tests; EnviroLogix, Inc. QuickTox™ Kit for QuickScan Aflatoxin Flex AQ 309 BG or QuickScan Aflatoxin Flex; Neogen Corporation Reveal Q+ MAX for Aflatoxin, Reveal Q+ for Aflatoxin, Reveal Q+ for Aflatoxin Green (AccuScan Gold) or Veratox® Aflatoxin Quantitative Test (8030 or 8035); R-Biopharm, Inc. RIDASCREEN® FAST Aflatoxin ECO; Romer Labs, Inc. FluoroQuant Afla, FluoroQuant Afla IAC or AgraStrip Total Aflatoxin Quantitative Test WATEX; or VICAM AflaTest™, or Afla-V AQUA.

For the DON testing, the FGIS-approved EnviroLogix QuickTox™/QuickScan method is used. A minimum of a 1,000-gram sample of shelled corn (obtained by dividing the original sample) is ground to a particle size which would pass through a No. 20 wire mesh sieve and divided down to a 50-gram test portion using a Romer Model 2A sampling mill. The 50-gram test portion is then processed as the FGIS DON (Vomitoxin) Handbook requires. DON is extracted with distilled water (5:1), and the extract is tested using the EnviroLogix AQ 254 BG test kits. The DON is quantified by the QuickScan system.

The EnviroLogix quantitative test kits report specific concentration levels of the mycotoxin if the concentration level exceeds a specific level called a “Limit of Detection” (LOD). The LOD is defined as the lowest concentration level that can be measured with an analytical method that is statistically different from measuring an analytical blank (absence of a mycotoxin). The LOD will vary among different types of mycotoxins, test kits and commodity combinations. The LOD for the EnviroLogix AQ 254 BG is 0.3 parts per million (ppm) for DON.

A letter of performance has been issued by FGIS for the quantification of DON using the EnviroLogix AQ 254 BG kit.