Corn Export Cargo Quality Report 2015/16

The U.S. Grains Council is pleased to present the Corn Export Cargo Quality Report for the 2015/16 marketing year as a service to foreign buyers and other interested parties.

Click here for the most recent Export Cargo Report - 2015-2016. 

Quality is a vital concern for every stakeholder in the corn value chain: seed companies, corn growers, traders, corn handlers, shippers, processors and end users. The Corn Export Cargo Quality Report is an objective survey, taken at the point of loading for international shipment, of the quality of U.S. yellow commodity corn destined for export.

This is the second of two reports by the Council concerning the quality of the 2015 crop. Earlier this marketing year the Council’s Corn Harvest Quality Report surveyed corn quality at the farm gate. Together, these two reports are intended to provide reliable information on U.S. corn quality for the current marketing year, based on a transparent and consistent methodology.

In addition to providing an early look at grade factors and moisture (that are reported each year by the U.S. Federal Grain Inspection Service), these reports provide information on additional quality characteristics that has not been reported elsewhere.

The 2015/16 Corn Harvest Quality and the Corn Export Cargo Quality reports are the third in an annual report series. The value of these reports to all stakeholders increases each year as stakeholders become familiar with the information presented and with the year-to-year variations in the U.S. corn marketing system.

The Council is committed to continuous export expansion based upon the principles of mutual benefit and increased food security through trade. The Council serves as a trusted partner and a bridge between U.S. producers and international buyers. Reliable and timely information is the foundation of these efforts.

We trust that our international partners will find the Corn Harvest Quality and Corn Export Cargo Quality reports informative and useful, and we invite users to contact us with comments, criticisms or questions.

You may download the entire Export Report 2015/16 by clicking here. Or, in the event you only need a few of the chapters, you view online each separately below.