Council Representatives In Morocco Celebrate 25 Years Of Service

This month, the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) recognized two representatives in Morocco for 25 years of service: Dr. Abdellah Ait Boulahsen, a professor in poultry sciences, and Dr. Mustapha El Youssoufi, a professor in range science.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Ait Boulahsen and Dr. El Youssoufi for over 20 years,“ said Kurt Shultz, the Council’s senior director of global strategies. “Both Abdellah and Mustapha spent their early years in the U.S. getting doctorates at U.S. universities. They took this experience and returned to Morocco with a vision to teach a whole new generation of agricultural leaders in Morocco, and eventually they revolutionized their respective industries.”

Dr. Ait Boulahsen’s contributions to the Council include the establishment of the Moroccan Poultry Association (FISA), which has become the premier professional agricultural association in Morocco. FISA was instrumental in the long-term growth of the Moroccan poultry industry, opening the market for U.S. feed grain imports.

“Dr. Ait Boulahsen’s direction and vision for the long-term development of the Moroccan poultry industry has allowed it to grow into a world class industry and, after 25 years, it is now being used as a model of development for other countries in the region. All of this is due to his vision and the partnership the Council has forged over the years with FISA and the rest of the Moroccan poultry industry,” said Ramy H. Taieb, USGC regional director in the Middle East and Africa.

During his time working with the Council, Dr. Mustapha El Youssoufi became a passionate advocate in expanding the dairy and beef industries in Morocco.

“Under Dr. El Youssoufi’s guidance, the Council developed a partnership with the largest dairy cooperative in Morocco to build a 10,000 head feed lot and establish several large, modern Holstein dairy operations. All of these have served as models for the Moroccan beef and dairy industries, which have replicated them and invested in improved ruminant feeding systems that use U.S. corn and co-products to improve their productivity. As a result of Mustapha’s and the Council’s work, tremendous investments have been made in improving ruminant feeds and the overall productivity of the beef and dairy sectors over the past 25 years,” Taieb said.

Contributions from Dr. Ait Boulahsen and Dr. El Youssoufi have built upon the Council’s foundation in the region and continue to create new opportunities there.

“Both gentlemen became ambassadors for the Council, highlighting how trade development programs can lead to a win-win relationship for both parties,” Shultz said. “Dr. Ait Boulahsen and Dr. El Youssoufi’s careers are truly representative of the Council’s mission statement – developing markets, enabling trade and improving lives.”

Please help the Council congratulate Dr. Ait Boulahsen and Dr. El Youssoufi!