Corn Harvest Quality Report 2018/2019

C. Chemical Composition

1. NIR Proximate Analysis – Corn

The chemical composition (protein, oil and starch concentrations) of corn is measured using NIR. The technology uses unique interactions of specific wavelengths of light with each sample. It is calibrated to traditional chemistry methods to predict the concentrations of protein, oil and starch in the sample. This procedure is nondestructive to the corn.

Chemical composition tests for protein, oil and starch were conducted using a 550-gram to 600-gram sample in a whole-kernel Foss Infratec 1241 NIR instrument. The NIR was calibrated to chemical tests, and the standard errors of predictions for protein, oil and starch were about 0.22%, 0.26% and 0.65%, respectively. Comparisons of the Foss Infratec 1229 used in Harvest Reports prior to 2016 to the Foss Infratec 1241 on 21 laboratory check samples showed the instruments averaged within 0.25%, 0.26% and 0.25% points of each other for protein, oil and starch, respectively. Results are reported on a dry basis percentage (percent of non-water material).