New Infographics Added To Council’s Library

To provide additional educational materials, the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) has recently created several new infographics for its members, customers and others to use in sharing the story of trade.

Recent additions to the Council’s infographic library include:

– Agricultural Biotechnology: Safe and Established, provides an overview of how biotechnology has played a role in agriculture over the years.

– Benefits of U.S. Grains Exports – English and Spanish, highlights the ways U.S. grains stand apart from competition, financially and nutritionally.

– The Superior Performance of U.S. Corn in the Industrial Starch Sector, provides an overview of a recent study the Council conducted with the University of Illinois comparing the starch extractability of corn from different origins.

– U.S. Corn Sustainability, offers an overview of how sustainability in the agriculture industry has looked through the years.

– USGC Global Barley Promotion, provides a look at the Council’s priority barley markets.

– USGC Global Corn Promotion, offers the Council’s priority corn markets.

– USGC Global Sorghum Promotion, reviews the Council’s priority sorghum markets.

The downloadable infographics give readers images to complement the data they represent and help explain the work the Council does to develop markets, enable trade and improve lives.