Market Perspectives – September 2, 2021

Country News

Argentina: The corn harvest is complete, farmer sales of corn are increasing, and the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange expects corn exports to hit a record high. (AgriCensus)

Brazil: CONAB is predicting corn production in 2021/22 will be 115.9 MMT, a 29 percent increase over this marketing year. Parana has begun planting the first crop corn for the new marketing year and Deral expects the state to produce 25.2 MMT of corn next year, which includes a 13 percent increase in first crop corn area. With the current safrinha corn crop harvest well over half completed, Deral says Parana producers lost $2.3 billion in income due to the drought. By contrast, AgRural says the area to be planted to first crop corn in the center south will only increase 0.6 percent due to the high cost of inputs, fear over a repeated crop failure, and the better net income prospects from planting soybeans. ANEC reports that corn exports in August were down 35 percent (Reuters)

EU: Barley shipments for delivery to China have resumed movement out of French ports. (AgriCensus)

Jordan: The government agency MIT purchased barley at $317/MT CFR with a planned December delivery. (AgriCensus)

Russia: Barley exports doubled their normal pace ahead of an expected increase in the export tax. (AgriCensus)

South Africa: The Crop Estimates Committee revised its corn crop output estimate downward slightly to 1.31 MMT. (AgriCensus)

South Korea: The Korean Feed Association tendered for 138 KMT of corn and purchased 66 KMT of corn from South Africa or South America with a price tag of $321.69/MT CNF or a premium of 269.10 cents/bushel over the December 2021 Chicago futures contract. Meanwhile, NOFI purchased 135 KMT of corn for delivery in November/December and tendered for another 276 KMT. MFG purchased 69 KMT for delivery in November. (Reuters; AgriCensus)

Taiwan: The feed group MFIG purchased 65 KMT of Argentine corn from Viterra. (AgriCensus)

Tunisia: The government agency ODC purchased cargoes of barley after closing on a tender.  (AgriCensus)

Turkey: The state agency TMO has tendered for 245 KMT of barley with delivery slated for September/October. (AgriCensus)

Ukraine: A representative for the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection told a Brussels audience that in 2020 exports of corn were 27.3 MMT and exports of barley totaled 4.8 MMT. However, Ukraine will increase its share of the world market for grain by 15 percent over the next decade.  UkrAgroConsult reports that the nation’s grain sector has been modernized through intense investment and increased Chinese demand for corn is expected. (World Grain)