Market Perspectives – December 16, 2021

Country News

Argentina: The Buenos Aires Grain Exchange says the weather outlook poses a “big challenge” for corn production as too little rain is in the forecast due to La Niña. It could be a “climactic scenario with rains “delayed until mid-March.” Nonetheless, corn planting is nearly 40 percent complete, and production is estimated at 57 MMT. (Reuters)

China: Buyers acquired four cargoes of barley from France and 10 cargoes of barley from Ukraine for shipment in July/August 2022. They purchased up to 1 MMT of corn from Ukraine with prices estimated at $270-$273/MT FOB. Traders suggest Ukrainian corn is more expensive but not subject to export sales reporting. (Reuters)

Japan: The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries says it received no offers on its bid for barley via the simultaneous buy and sell auction. (Reuters)

Jordan: The state grain buying agency tendered for 100 KMT of barley but made no purchases. (Reuters)

Russia: The barley export tax was set at $78.70/MT and the corn export tax is $54.40/MT. Reuters)

South Korea: NOFI tendered for corn with an April arrival. (AgriCensus)

Ukraine: Corn exports during the 1 – 10 December period reached 2.26 MMT. (AgriCensus)