Council Recognizes Tejada For 15 Years Of Service

The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) recognized USGC Regional Director in Latin America Marri Tejada for her 15 years of service to the organization at its 21st International Marketing Conference and 64th Annual Membership Meeting in Guatemala City, Guatemala, held Feb. 14-16.

Tejada began working for the Council in 2008 in its Washington, D.C., headquarters and assumed a variety of roles before rising to her current position in 2014.

Tejada is the daughter of a seventh-generation corn, soy and swine farmer in Minnesota and spent time in that community working for the Minnesota Corn Growers’ Association prior to joining the Council.

An opportunity to attend the Partners in Agriculture conference in Japan early in her tenure with the Council stands out as a formative moment in Tejada’s career.

“Bringing together two different groups, each with its own tastes and ways of doing things was a real learning curve. Welcoming a high-level U.S. delegation against the backdrop of Japanese hospitality required some finesse, flexibility and a deep respect for cultural differences,” Tejada said. “Wrestling with the complexities of merging two worlds taught me so much about the importance of understanding and respecting different cultures.”

That experience helped build the skills Tejada employs today as regional director, where she oversees the Council’s programming in the Caribbean and Central and South America, which requires precise navigation of a wide range of societal customs and trade needs.

“Looking back on that trip now, I see how much it influenced my career path. It kickstarted my passion for working in diverse environments, where I strive to build bridges, manage expectations and create spaces where collaboration can flourish,” Tejada said. “Japan was where my journey with the Council truly began, setting the stage for years of dedicated service and a deep commitment to our shared goals.”

Outside the office, Tejada is a committed practitioner of hapkido and avidly enjoys swimming and spending time with her husband and young children.

Please join the Council in congratulating Marri on her 15 years of service.