Council Builds Relationships With Vietnam’s Ministry Of Transport, Civil Aviation Authority

To create and develop markets for U.S. corn, sorghum, barley, ethanol and distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS), colleagues in the Council’s international offices work diligently to forge relationships with members of the governments in the countries in which they work.

To kick off 2023, the Council’s Southeast Asia and Oceania ethanol team delivered a collection of ethanol resources to Vietnam’s Ministry of Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority as the regulators look to boost consumer education initiatives in the biofuel space.

The materials included consumer education infographics and technical studies showcasing the environmental benefits and engine compatibility of fuel ethanol – all in Vietnamese. The Council is ready to support Vietnam’s Ministry of Transport as it disseminates the materials to consumers via the ministry’s social media pages and events in 2023.

The team also met to discuss how to expand the use of fuel ethanol in Vietnam and how to best prepare the country’s fuel and aviation industries for its sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) commitments.

The meeting followed the Ministry of Transport’s submission of an Action Plan on Green Energy Transformation and the Reduction of Carbon and Methane in the Transportation Industry to the Prime Minister’s Office that outlines a migration of the E5 RON92 mandate to all grades of gasoline as a top priority to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the transportation sector. The plan was subsequently endorsed by the Prime Minister’s Office.

“The Ministry of Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority are valued partners in the promotion of fuel ethanol use in Vietnam as a tool to mitigate GHG emissions and lower pump prices for consumers,” said Chris Markey, USGC assistant regional director for Southeast Asia and Oceania. “USGC looks forward to further collaboration with both parties in 2023 as we support their strive to achieve the goals recently outlined in the action plan.”

Vietnam is a key market for USGC ethanol programming in Southeast Asia given the government’s biofuels ambitions and its strong appetite to mitigate emissions from the transport sector.

Vietnam consumes about three billion gallons of gasoline each year, with demand forecasted to grow at a double-digit rate until 2027. U.S. fuel ethanol has historically supplied about half of the existing demand in Vietnam, with domestic producers supplying the other 50 percent. The Council and the U.S. ethanol industry are well-positioned to further support Vietnam and its fast-paced growth by helping the country meet commitments to emissions reduction and reduce fuel costs for its growing middle class.