USGC Workshop Helps Strengthens Tanzanian Poultry Association

The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) organized a capacity-building workshop for the 20 leaders of the Poultry Association of Tanzania (PAT) last week to support PAT in its mission and, in doing so, build a local industry that is a new market for U.S. coarse grains.

Like professional associations worldwide, PAT is focused on helping develop the Tanzanian poultry industry through educational programs, technical assistance and by serving as an advocate for the poultry industry on a national scale. Doing so helps build the capacity of the poultry industry, which will offer more and improved products to the local population and demand more grain, some of which will likely be imported.

“Workshops like this one ensure PAT is able to sustain itself over time,” said Katy Wyatt, USGC manager of global strategies. “Strong industry associations can play a critical role in fostering the development of an industry.

“Since the Tanzanian poultry industry has significant opportunities for growth, the role of this association will only continue to increase in importance as the industry matures. Having a strong industry association, one which can successfully influence key policies, regulations and government programs that affect the poultry value chain from feed manufacturing to processed chicken. ”

The two-day workshop covered topics including strengthening organizational management and effective representation of its diverse membership when advocating for positive policies and regulations.

PAT members worked together in groups during breakout sessions to discuss key issues facing the industry – significant increased demand for poultry, consumer preferences, inconsistent supply of raw materials and marketing, among others – and propose what actions are needed to address these challenges.

Population growth and urbanization are the core drivers of increased demand for meat globally. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, between the period of 2016-2026, Sub-Saharan Africa will experience the fastest growth rate in total meat consumption compared to any other region globally.

In Tanzania, substantial opportunities exist for expansion of the poultry sector. By 2050, Tanzania will be the 14th largest country in the world in terms of population, doubling its populace to more than 137 million people.

This rapid population growth coupled with an expanding middle class and strengthening economy will require the country’s livestock industry to expand production to quickly meet these additional needs for animal protein.

Tanzania currently has the largest number of commercial birds in East Africa at approximately 67 million birds, but the industry still has deficiencies due to insufficient supplies of raw materials, poor quality feeds and poor biosecurity measures and surveillance. As a result, poultry consumption in Tanzania mirrors low rates in sub-Saharan Africa; on average, the region consumes 3.3 kilograms of poultry per capita annually, compared to a global average of 14 kilograms per capita.

PAT represents the entire poultry value chain in Tanzania, from broiler and layer producers to veterinary services to the feed industry. The association works to provide its members with information needed to improve poultry rearing and feed quality as demand continues to expand. Through this workshop series, the Council is helping PAT and the industry prepare for the population growth bubble while at the same time opening new markets for U.S. farmers, supported by the Council’s membership and new funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) Agricultural Trade Promotion (ATP) program.

“The Council has long believed industry associations play a key role in fostering development within feed and livestock industries,” Wyatt said. “As these industries grow, increased consumption will boost demand for coarse grains – paving the way for potential new markets for U.S. grains.”

While in Tanzania, Council staff also met with the executive committee for the PAT’s Tanzania Poultry Show, scheduled for October 2019 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The Tanzania Poultry Show, now in its fifth year, brings together regional and international exhibitors and participants to exchange information on improved production techniques. The show precedes Egg Day, sponsored by PAT to promote egg consumption in Tanzania.

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