USGC Winter Meeting Concludes With Board Of Delegates Meeting, New Organization Bylaws

Members of the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) wrapped up the Council’s 21st International Marketing Conference and 64th Annual Membership Meeting, held Feb. 14-16, in Guatemala City, Guatemala with its board of delegates meeting and panels highlighting the Council’s work in aquaculture and the latest information on critical markets for U.S. agriculture exports.

USGC Chairman Brent Boydston moderated the day’s agenda, which included a summary of the conference’s highlights thus far and administrative and financial reporting on the Council’s activities to promote transparency and organizational health well into the future.

“Trade is a long game, and as my chairman’s theme, Growing the Future, demonstrates, the Council has a long history of playing the long game to the benefit of the American farmer and for our generations to come,” Boydston said.

USGC Senior Director of Global Strategies Kurt Shultz then moderated a panel featuring USGC Regional Director in Southeast Asia Caleb Wurth, USGC Regional Director of Europe, the Middle East and Africa Ramy Taieb and USGC Senior Marketing Manager in Mexico Patricia Esqueda that gave attendees an overview of the Council’s aquaculture programming around the world.

A follow-up panel, moderated by USGC Vice President Cary Sifferath and including USGC Director in Mexico Heidi Bringenberg, USGC Regional Director in South Asia Reece Cannady and USGC Director in China Manuel Sanchez, discussed topical issues in some of U.S. agriculture’s largest and most complex export markets.

Lastly, Council delegates voted on a set of bylaw changes and members and staff who recently reached milestones of service to the organization were recognized for their accomplishments. Additionally, the Council’s Advisory Teams (A-Teams) presented the results of their discussions at the meeting and USGC President and CEO Ryan LeGrand gave a closing address.

“We are ready, we are willing, and we are already doing the hard work it takes to keep established markets open, open new markets and maintain robust trade for the commodities you grow as we head into a bright future beyond today, this year and for years to come,” LeGrand said. “You deserve it, your families deserve it, and our collective generations deserve the bright future we can start providing today.”

More from the meeting is available on social media using the hashtag #Grains24 or through the .