USGC Recognizes Nathan Boardman For 40 Years of Service

Nathan Boardman was a pioneer in developing and producing hybrid grain sorghum seeds. He has shared that expertise and experience with the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) for four decades, first as a representative of the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) and then representing Boardman Enterprises.

“I was selected by the American Seed Trade Association to be a representative with the Council,” Boardman said. “At the time there were about 25 major seed companies that were members with the Council. It was an advantage to me as a young man to serve in that capacity, and I have continued to do it for 40 years.”

The Council recognized Boardman for his years of service during the organization’s 59th Annual Board of Delegates Meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio. In turn, he recognizes the Council’s work to bring together farmers and agribusinesses.

“The Council’s activities have enabled a lot of stakeholders in the agricultural industry,” Boardman said. “The Council also gives farmers an opportunity to become more vested in what they do and the products that are produced.”

Boardman began his career in 1962 at a small sorghum seed company in Crosbyton, Texas. At the time, hybrid seed technology was new. Boardman developed a program using cotton as an isolation from contaminant pollen. This system provided low incidence from undesirable pollen and increased the rate of crop success. Boardman has dedicated his career to enhancing crop production by developing these types of systems and helping solve production issues.

During his decades representing ASTA on the Council, Boardman watched the Council evolve and stand by its mission of developing markets, enabling trade and improving lives. He supports the Council’s diligent work to open, maintain and expand markets through activities like trade teams and serves as an advocate for market access.

“The Council studies issues in global trade and works to help resolve them to keep the trade door open,” Boardman said. “Without this work, I am not sure if the export market achievements would be that great.”

Please join the Council in thanking Boardman for 40 years of service!