USGC Latin American Team Grows

In Latin America, the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) has added a new ethanol consultant to its regional team, while expanding the reach of a current team member.

Federico Salcedo

Federico Salcedo has joined the team as a full-time regional ethanol consultant, filling the position that Carlos Suarez left following his move to the D.C. headquarters. As regional ethanol consultant, Salcedo works with strategic public and private stakeholders across Latin America to help them achieve policy goals and capture value through fuel ethanol, promoting the benefits and comparative advantages of U.S. ethanol.

Salcedo previously served as the senior international assistance officer – Embassy of Canada in Colombia for Global Affairs Canada (GAC). He has also worked with Management Systems International and the U.S. Department of State.

“We are extremely happy to welcome Federico to the team. Given his background working in the public sector and his previous knowledge of the fuel markets, Federico has quickly been able to implement USGC strategies in the region. Even though he only has a little more than one month working for the Council, I can tell he has great ideas to further develop our ethanol goals in the region. I’m confident our members and customers will enjoy working with Federico and view him as a trusted ally,” said Marri Tejada, USGC regional director for Latin America.

Freddy Villao

Freddy Villao, who has acted as a part-time ethanol consultant in Ecuador, has expanded his reach in the region by adding more countries to his role. In addition to his work with the Council, he currently serves as the vice president of government affairs at Titan Minerals – Ecuador, and previously held roles in the office of the Vice Presidency of the Republic of Ecuador.

“Freddy has been incredible asset to the Council in Ecuador. For the past year, he’s been able to work closely with the Council to help us realize our goals and carry out strategies. Now, we’d like to build and echo these efforts in other countries in the region. With his legal expertise and background in the fuel sector, he’s a great asset and contributor to our overall strategy in Latin America,” Tejada said.

Please join the Council in congratulating Federico and Freddy on their roles!