U.S. Aquaculture Research Holds Key To Global Industry Growth

Even though aquaculture is one of the fastest growing protein sources in the world, hurdles to worldwide success – including COVID and lack of experience with corn distiller’s dried grain with solubles’ (DDGS’) nutrient composition and digestibility in tilapia populations – have threatened to limit successful incorporation in the aquafeed market. But that’s where the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) has stepped in to help the industry capture the value of DDGS.

USGC Director of Industry Relations Ellen Zimmerman traveled with members from Ohio Corn and Wheat to Montana and Idaho this week to check in on progress made in a corn DDGS tilapia digestibility study.

“Aquaculture is playing an important role in providing protein to the world and becoming more efficient in producing that protein through better feed ingredients and nutrition will continue to be important as the world population grows,” Zimmerman said.

In Montana, the group received an overview of the research taking place in Bozeman before touring a lab and watching a demonstration of the research. The team had a similar experience in Hagerman, Idaho, hearing more about lab research going on there before visiting a feeding farm.

“The producers from Ohio see a lot of opportunity with aquaculture and were really excited to see all the different kinds of agriculture in this part of the country. They enjoyed hearing about the research to optimize the nutrition for each species and hopefully increase corn and corn product demand,” Zimmerman said.

Along with the Council’s work in Southeast Asia, Mexico, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa and South Asia regions, the Council is working to generate the most reliable and respected aquaculture information globally.