SEA Team Outlines Export Opportunities For U.S. Corn At Kansas Corn School

The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) recently outlined key market development opportunities for U.S. corn products across the Southeast Asia and Oceania (SEA) region in a presentation to 42 growers attending a Kansas Corn educational event in Hiawatha, Kansas.

“The Kansas Corn School was a great setting for growers to learn more about the current and future opportunities in burgeoning economies, like Southeast Asia, for U.S. corn and its co-products, as well as how cooperators like the Council act on these opportunities to develop sustainable markets for producers back home,” said Chris Markey, USGC assistant regional director for Southeast Asia and Oceania.

The rapid growth in export volumes of distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) and corn gluten meal (CGM), as well as the potential for robust corn-based ethanol markets in Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, elicited interest and discussion among participants.

“Our final corn school of 2022 was in northeast Kansas where corn growers are often looking to grow export markets for their high yielding acres and ample production of bushels. Those in attendance had an in-depth conversation about the markets in Southeast Asia that Chris described in his presentation,” said Greg Krissek, CEO of Kansas Corn.

Kansas Corn Schools, organized and administered by Kansas Corn, are held in multiple districts across the state leading up to planting season each year. Recent developments in agronomics for corn production, soil fertility management and public policy were also presented by experts from both Kansas State University and Kansas Corn at the latest iteration of the program.

“Corn schools are offered across the state and virtually in cooperation between Kansas Corn and Kansas State University Extension each January and February to provide growers with up-to-date information about the latest corn agronomy and crop production practices along with market development forecasts and public policy updates,” Krissek said.

Educational sessions, including the Kansas Corn School, allow the Council to actively engage with growers across the U.S. through its member organizations like Kansas Corn.