New Web Pages Highlight Corn, Sorghum, Barley Sustainability Efforts

The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) has released four new web pages focused on the organization’s sustainability efforts. The web pages provide information and resources on the practices and technologies that contribute to the sustainability of U.S. farms and agribusinesses.

The pages showcase the Council’s commitment to global climate efforts and how it is working with its members and international stakeholders to address sustainability challenges in the food, feed, fuel and fiber international supply chains in which the products it represents participate.

“The Council is in a unique position to help barley, corn and sorghum farmers showcase their journey in adopting sustainable production practices and align with international supply chain requirements related to sustainability. These pages provide an entry point into that journey,” said Carlos Suarez, USGC manager of sustainability, policy and innovation.

The main web page highlights the Council’s commitment to sustainability more generally before diving into the specifics of what sustainability looks like for the three Council-represented commodities: corn, sorghum and barley.

The Council’s goal is to increase the volumes of sustainably-produced U.S. grains that reach international markets to support global food security and climate-smart international supply chains.

The Council supports the climate goals established by member and sister organizations representing corn, sorghum and barley products, and serves as a bridge and facilitator between national and international stakeholders to help achieve them.

View the web pages.