New Web Page Highlights Superior Performance Of U.S. Corn

The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) recently updated its corn web pages on to highlight the recent work the Council has done to demonstrate the superior performance of U.S. corn against corn from Brazil, Argentina and the Black Sea.

The corn section is now home to two categories: the feed industry and the industrial starch industry. These new tabs summarize the results of the Council’s work over the past three years to drill down and demonstrate the economic advantages of buying U.S. corn.

In the last three years, the Council’s industrial corn starch study has examined and compared the extractable starch of U.S., Brazilian, Argentinean and Black Sea corn. The results conclusively demonstrate U.S. corn’s higher yields of extractable starch, which translates into increased profits by wet millers that buy only U.S. corn versus corn from other origins.

“What makes these studies unique, is that we went to the warehouses of our customers around the world and got samples of all four origins, including U.S. corn, and shipped the corn back to the U.S. for analysis,” said Kurt Shultz, USGC senior director for global strategies. “So, we are analyzing corn at the end of the supply chain, and buyers cannot say that they do not receive this grain because we got it from their warehouses. What these studies have demonstrated is that if you are buying anything but U.S. corn, you are choosing an inferior product and passing up the opportunity for increased profits.” is home to many resources for the public to use, including market data, harvest and export quality reports, infographics, videos and more.


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