Chart showing imports from the US to Malaysia

Supply/Demand Basics

  • 7.5 MMT animal feed market
  • 3rd largest per capita consumer of poultry in the word – 47.4 kgs/capita.
  • Broiler feed makes up the majority of the country’s feed demand.
  • Major importer of processed food.
  • Palm by-products compete for energy demand in animal feed rations.

Country Overview

Chart showing population and GDP of Malaysia

  • One of the most developed countries in Southeast Asia.
  • GDP is on track to achieve growth between 3-4%
  • Middle class and above make up over 50% of the population.
  • Developing tech and manufacturing sectors.
  • Key policy broker in ASEAN.

Trade and Market Share Overview

  • Traditional feed mix of corn and SBM preferred.
  • Market is sensitive to global commodity price volatility due to import-based feed production model
  • Low U.S. corn market share due to South American quality preference.
  • Storability and trans equatorial product integrity hinder U.S. imports.
  • Few large poultry integrators make up most of the market.
  • Establish SBM imports from U.S. poultry producers have interest in grocery boats.

Policy Overview

  • 0% tariff on corn by-products.
  • Relatively open trade policies.
  • Does not have an ethanol mandate.
  • Strong biodiesel policy based on its domestic palm oil industry.

Graph showing dollar value of Malaysian imports from the US