Market Perspectives – November 17, 2022

Country News

Brazil: Corn exports reached 2.2 MMT in the first half of November. Corn-based ethanol production will increase 37 percent this year with around 10.79 MMT of corn utilized. This represents 9 percent of the 116 MMT 2022 corn crop. (FAS GAIN; AgriCensus)

EU: FranceAgriMer reports that French farmers have nearly completed sowing of winter barley for next year’s harvest and have finished harvesting this year’s maize crop. The maize harvest was completed 28 days ahead of last year. (Reuters)

Jordan: At least three companies bid to supply 120 KMT of feed barley in a tender by the state grain buying agency. (Reuters)

Russia: The government lowered the export tax on corn but raised it on barley. (AgriCensus)

South Korea: MFG purchased 134 KMT of corn in a tender and FLC purchased 60 KMT of corn from Midstar. NOFI bought corn for February arrival, but KFA passed on a purchase opportunity. (AgriCensus)

Tunisia: Government agency ODC purchased 50 KMT of barley. (AgriCensus)

Ukraine: Farmers have sown 600,000 hectares of winter barley. About 39 percent of the maize crop has been harvested, which is 30 percent slower than last year. (AgriCensus; World Grain)