Market Perspectives June 28, 2013

U.S. Export Statistics

Corn: Net sales of 336,700 MT for 2012/13 resulted as increases for unknown destinations (140,100 MT), Japan (72,100 MT), Venezuela (58,000 MT, including 20,000 MT switched from unknown destinations), Costa Rica (25,000 MT) and Mexico (11,400 MT) were partially offset by decreases for Canada (1,400 MT). Net sales of 153,600 MT for 2013/14 were primarily for Mexico (77,400 MT), unknown destinations (62,900 MT) and Japan (7,100 MT). Exports of 151,200 MT were down 53 percent from the previous week and 52 percent from the prior four-week average. The primary destinations were Venezuela (58,000 MT), Mexico (46,400 MT), Japan (25,500 MT) and Honduras (13,900 MT). Optional Origin Sales: For 2012/13, outstanding optional origin sales total 65,000 MT, all South Korea. For 2013/14, outstanding optional origin sales total 100,000 MT, all Mexico.

Barley: Net sales of 400 MT were reported for Taiwan. Exports of 1,600 MT were primarily to Taiwan (1,500 MT) and South Korea (100 MT).  

Sorghum: Net sales of 17,500 MT for 2012/13 were reported for Japan. There were no exports reported during the week. Optional Origin Sales: For 2013/14, outstanding optional origin sales total 60,000 MT, all China.