Market Perspectives July 5, 2013

U.S. Weather/Crop Progress

U.S. Drought Monitor Weather Forecast: Conditions through July 7 favor wet weather across most of the Eastern U.S., with heavy rains forecast from the Gulf Coast to the Central Appalachians and portions of the Northeast. Some rains associated with the southwest monsoon are also likely during this time frame. Generally, less than 1.0 inches of rain is forecast across the Great Plains and Pacific Northwest.

Conditions from July 8-12 favor above-median precipitation over the Southern Rockies, portions of the Great Plains and from the central Gulf Coast across the Tennessee Valley to the Northeast. Dry conditions are likely across the Pacific Northwest and the immediate Southeast coast. Temperatures are likely to be above-normal west of the Continental Divide and across the Northeast, with below-normal temperatures favored over the center of the lower 48 states. Follow this link to view current U.S. and international weather patterns and the future outlook: Weather and Crop Bulletin