Market Perspectives – February 23, 2023

Country News

Argentina: Recent showers have helped but more is needed. The Rosario Grains Exchange expects corn exports to fall 40 percent, year-on-year, as smaller output due to drought will constrain exports. (Reuters)

Algeria: Government agency ONAB tendered for 30-40 KMT of Argentinian corn. (AgriCensus)

Brazil: AgRural reports that as of a week ago, second crop corn planting had reached 40 percent, versus 53 percent a year ago. (Reuters)

China: Trial use of GMO corn on a previously announced 267,000 hectares will be expanded. However, some are skeptical since land is scarce and what is available involves worn out soils. (Reuters)

EU: France AgriMer reports that farmers have sown more than half of the expected spring barley area. (AgriCensus)

Japan: The use of corn in feed rations fell to 46.3 percent in December. (Reuters)

Jordan: Government agency MIT purchased 60 KMT of barley for July shipment. (AgriCensus)

Korea: NOFI is seeking two cargoes of corn for June delivery and buyers booked 202 KMT of corn in private/tender deals. FLC bought 65 KMT of corn from the U.S. without a tender and paid $337.99/MT plus a $1.50/MT surcharge for multiple port discharging. Delivery will be around 6 June. (AgriCensus; Reuters)

Tunisia: The state grains buying agency procured 75 KMT of barley at $300/MT with shipment scheduled during March. (Refinitiv)

Ukraine: Corn production in 2023/24 will be 21.1 MMT and exports 20 MMT, according to the Ukrainian Grain traders’ union. The consultancy APK-Inform believes corn exports this year will be 23 MMT. (Reuters)