Gordon Wassenaar

Lifetime Achievement Award Winner 2011
Headshot of Gordon Wassenaar with Glasses

Wassenaar Receives Lifetime Achievement Award at USGC Annual Meeting

From Global Update, July 29, 2011

Some service goes beyond the number of years of involvement in an organization. To recognize those individuals that have gone above and beyond to help accomplish the mission of U.S. Grains Council, the USGC Board of Directors established the Lifetime Achievement Award.

This award is conferred by a vote of the Board and it is a pretty exclusive group. To date, there have been only five recipients: Owen Newlin; Terry Francl; Neil Strong; Glen Buckley and Ken Hobbie.

At the Council’s 51st Annual Board of Delegates Meeting in San Francisco, the Council added to that number. The Board of Directors presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to Mr. Gordon Wassenaar, a corn farmer from Prairie City, Iowa.

Throughout his career at the Council, Wassenaar served in many leadership roles including the Executive Committee, Long-Range Planning Committee, Value-Added Advisory Team and Biotechnology Advisory Team. Over the years, Wassenaar has hosted thousands of representatives from more than 70 countries on his farm. While Wassenaar became an official USGC delegate in 2000, his role in agriculture began many years prior. Wassenaar has been farming for 54 years, raising corn and soybeans.

He is a past chairman of the Iowa Corn Promotion Board and as served on many Iowa Corn committees including currently serving on the Iowa Corn Exports and Grain Trade Committee. His previous positions also include a term of vice president of the American Soybean Association Board, as president of the Iowa Soybean Association and as president of the Farmers Coop Exchange in Prairie City.

Click here to see a video highlighting his successful career.

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