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These two backgrounders cover foundational topics on the function of trade policy institutions and issues relevant to the current trade policy landscape. Start here!

Backgrounder: U.S. Trade Tools And Key Issues In Trade Policy, published by USGC in October 2021

Backgrounder: The Essential Guide To U.S. Trade, published by USGC and NCGA in July 2019

Intro To Trade Links

Ag and Trade Overview –  USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service

Trade Policy Guide – Washington International Trade Association (WITA)

Yeutter Institute Trade Policy Toolkit  

Trade Resources Center – Farm Foundation

U.S. Trade Concepts, Performance, and Policy: Frequently Asked Questions – Congressional Research Service

20 Years of Development In Trade Policy – FarmDocDaily

The Updated Case For Free Trade – CATO

Trade Agreements

Existing U.S. Trade Agreements

Trade Agreements Globally – World Trade Organization (WTO)

Trade Agreements in the Last 20 Years: Retrospect and Prospect – Paper By John Beghin and Jill O’Donnell

Design of Trade Agreements Website

World Trade Organization Disciplines On U.S. Ag Support – USDA’s FAS 

Trade’s Economic Impact

Trade And American Jobs – 2022 Report – Business Roundtable 

Ball State Study on Trade and Manufacturing 

What if all tariffs on ag goods went away? Summary of USDA/ERS Study

Fed By Trade Coalition – Cargill

Specific Topics In Trade

National Trade Estimates – Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR)

Guide To Countervailing Duties – Congressional Research Service 

Russia’s No Longer A “Most Favored Nation” – The Conversation (briefer on MFN)

Podcasts/YouTube On Trade

Washington International Trade Association YouTube Channel

Trade Guys – CSIS

Trade Matters – Yeutter Institute 

Trade Talks – Peterson Institute for International Economics 

Dollar and Sense – Brookings Institution 

Trade Craft Podcast 

China Business Minute 

Communicating About Trade

Listening For America – Connecting People With International Trade

Listening For America Briefing – Via Yeutter Institute YouTube

Market Development

USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service

U.S. Agricultural Export Programs: Background and Issues – Congressional Research Service

U.S. Ag Export Development Council  (USAEDC)

Ag Exports Count

Data Sets

Food System Dashboard – Johns Hopkins University and The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

Grain Market Profiles – U.S. Grains Council 

Additional Resources On China

Text of U.S./China Economic and Trade Agreement – USTR

Fact Sheets on U.S./China Economic and Trade Agreement – USTR

U.S.-China Phase One Tracker – Peterson Institute For International Economics

U.S. China Business Council 

State-By-State Economic Impact Of Trade With China – U.S. China Business Council 

Additional Resources On NAFTA/USMCA

USMCA Information Page – International Trade Administration (trade.gov)

USMCA Tracker – Brookings Institute 

USMCA State Factsheets – USTR

USMCA Industry-Specific Factsheets – USTR

USMCA Timeline – Politico

USMCA Coalition 

NAFTA By Commodity and By State In 2016 – Farm Bureau

NAFTA State-By-State Facts – Business Roundtable

Report On NAFTA – U.S. Chamber of Commerce

How States Would Be Impacted By NAFTA Withdrawal – U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Report On NAFTA Withdrawal Tax – Farmers For Free Trade

Analysis of Potential NAFTA Withdrawal – Peterson Institute For International Economics

Additional Resources On Japan

U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement Details By Commodity – USDA

Additional Resources on EU

The Transatlantic Economy 2020 – AmCham EU