Hamamoto Recognized For Council Service Milestone

The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) recognized USGC Director in Japan Tommy Hamamoto for his 15 years of service to the organization at its 21st International Marketing Conference and 64th Annual Membership Meeting in Guatemala City, Guatemala, held Feb. 14-16.

Tommy Hamamoto

Hamamoto joined the Council with years of experience in the Japanese agricultural market and was immediately struck by the scale and pace at which the U.S. production cycle operates.

“I was impressed by the eagerness and energy of the U.S. agricultural industry in increasing yields and its expectation of creating and expanding global markets,” Hamamoto said. “The Council’s value is in expanding markets for the products our members produce. I believe its first step is to bridge the gap between the U.S. agricultural industry and international users and consumers for mutual understanding.”

Japan is an important market for U.S. agriculture and one that still has room to grow with new-use applications for various commodities.

“The fuel ethanol market for on-road use and sustainable aviation fuel is the biggest opportunity in Japan in the next five years,” Hamamoto said. “U.S. agriculture is facing challenges with defending mature feed grain markets like Japan, but I am also looking to expand new market possibilities for corn here such as biorefinery feedstock uses and health-oriented food uses of barley and sorghum.”

Hamamoto has seen a lot in his time with the Council but always manages to take value away from each and every conversation and site visit.

“I enjoy many different aspects of working at the Council, but the best part is talking to members and visiting farms and other production facilities in the U.S. with Japanese customers,” Hamamoto said. “Even after 15 years of experience with the Council, I always learn new things.”

Please join the Council in congratulating Tommy on his 15 years of service.