February 12 – 14, 2020 – The 17th International Marketing Conference & 60th Annual Membership Meeting

17h International Marketing Conference Banner

Dear Members,

Please plan to join us at the 17th International Marketing Conference (IMC) and 60th Annual Membership Meeting, scheduled for Feb. 12 to 14, 2020 in Tampa, Florida.

In keeping with my theme of Make Something Happen, you will have an opportunity to visit directly with members of the Council’s staff from around the globe. They are vital resources to our industry, and I hope you will engage and build relationships with them to deepen your understanding of the critical efforts they undertake for our industry.

Our Advisory Teams will hold in-depth meetings in Tampa, offering the chance to provide recommendations for our work to develop markets, enable trade and improve lives. Your direction will help us establish priorities in the coming year, including offering direction for the new Agricultural Trade Promotion (ATP) programs the Council is undertaking to find and grow global markets.

As we commemorate the Council’s 60th anniversary I am proud of the what we continue to do for our members around the grains sector.

I am confident you will leave this meeting with a renewed dedication to the work that still remains to be done to make something happen for coarse grains and ethanol exports.

I look forward to joining you in Tampa.


Darren Armstrong