Delegates Recognized For Five Years Of Service

The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) recognized members who reached five years of service to the organization at its 21st International Marketing Conference and 64th Annual Membership Meeting in Guatemala City, Guatemala, held Feb. 14-16.

The Council presented commemorative plaques to Peter Brecht of the Iowa Corn Promotion Board; Mike Lefever of the Colorado Corn Promotion Council; Bill Leigh of the Illinois Corn Growers Association; Gail Lierer of the Ohio Corn Marketing Program; Dennis McNinch of the Kansas Corn Commission; Jim O’Connor of the Minnesota Corn Research & Promotion Council; Jon Rosenstiel and Dale Haudrich of the Illinois Corn Marketing Board and Monte Shaw of the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association to celebrate their accomplishments.

Peter Brecht

“I’ve had the good fortune to accompany trade missions to China, Mexico, the Philippines and Vietnam. We learn firsthand of the need for food, fuel and a higher standard of living in those countries,” Brecht said. “Meeting the people of these countries on their home turf has given me a great appreciation of other cultures and the common values we all share.”

Mike Lefever

“Until I got involved with the Council, I had very limited knowledge on the amount of work it takes to keep expanding and to keep our global markets open,” Lefever said. “It’s quite simple to measure the value of the Council. Just look at the price of our crops with global trade versus what the price would be without that trade! I’m very appreciative of what the Council has done for my bottom line.”

Gail Lierer

“Trade missions with the Council to family farm operations are vital as it builds trust and confidence with our buyers,” Lierer said. “Traveling with the Council has also provided me with the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge of our farm internationally.”

Jim O’Connor

“Understanding the needs and concerns from our trading partners has changed my perspective on just how complex global trade is,” O’Connor said. “Also, learning how much effort goes into building market share and trade gives me great appreciation for the work done every day by the Council’s staff.”

Dennis McNinch

McNinch has been a member of the Trade Policy A-Team since 2018.

Jon Rosenstiel

Rosenstiel has been a member of the Asia A-Team since 2021.

Monte Shaw

Shaw has been a member of the Ethanol A-Team since 2018.

Dale Haudrich

Haudrich has been a member of the Asia A-Team since 2023.

Bill Leigh

Please join us in congratulating these delegates on five years of service!