Council Releases New Video Highlighting Sustainability Efforts

A new video released by the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) highlights the organization’s efforts to showcase the sustainability practices of the U.S. corn supply chain. The video also provides a breakdown of the Council’s new Sustainable Corn Exports (SCE) platform and the Corn Sustainability Assurance Protocol (CSAP).

“The Records of Sustainability that the USGC is making available to international customers will provide consumers with transparent data and information on the sustainability of U.S. corn. Additionally, the database of records enables our international customers to comply with ingredient sourcing standards they or their downstream customers may be subject to. We hope this video provides a succinct explanation of the new sustainability tools the Council has launched,” said Andrew Brandt, USGC director of trade policy.

Narrated by Brandt, the video is a great way for Council members and the general public to get a snapshot of the organization’s sustainability efforts so far. While Council staff have been speaking with international buyers around the world, this new video is accessible to all, even those not in attendance at in-person events.

“We want our supply chain partners to understand how the sustainability tools developed by the Council can help them address the requirements from their clients or end customers. This video showcases how our protocol and web platform work to provide a baseline understanding of U.S. corn sustainability and facilitate compliance associated with individual international shipments,” said Carlos Suarez, USGC manager of sustainability, policy and innovation.

This video and more can be found on the Council’s YouTube channel and social media pages.