Council Recognizes Iowa’s Tim Burrack For 15 Years Of Service

The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) recognized Iowa farmer Tim Burrack for his 15 years of service to the organization at its 21st International Membership Meeting and 64th Annual Membership Meeting in Guatemala City, Guatemala, held Feb. 14-16.

Burrack grows corn and soybeans on a 2,000-acre farm in Northeast Iowa and is a member of the Iowa Corn Growers’ Association (ICGA). He sits on the Council’s Ethanol Advisory Team (A-Team) and previously served on the Council’s board of directors as its corn sector director. He has also represented the Council on missions to China, Japan, Taiwan and the European Union.

Misfortune turned to opportunity for Burrack 33 years ago when a broken arm left him temporarily unable to work on his farm, which allowed him to turn his attention to running to be a director on the ICGA board.

“I was 40 years old and all I had done at that point in time was work on the farm and tend livestock,” Burrack said. “I thought, ‘there’s got to be more out there in life,’ and so I got involved with the ICGA and the Iowa Corn Promotion Board.”

During his time with the Council, Burrack said the major change he’s seen is the emergence of ethanol within the agricultural community and the evolution of the Council’s work to market it and its coproducts in addition to feed grains.

“The ethanol industry was just getting going when I started, and suddenly it took off and then we had distiller’s dried grains with solubles too,” Burrack said. “The Council picked ethanol up and it’s keeping everybody busy. It’s just a great organization and I believe the Council is the best partnership between the public and private sectors out there.”

Burrack is still actively farming and will plant his 51st crop this year. His spare time is devoted to staying involved at meetings and conferences to speak with fellow producers about future corn markets and the Council’s work.

Please join the Council in congratulating Tim for his accomplishment!