Corn Harvest Quality Report 2011/2012

U.S. Corn Production, Usage and Outlook

U.S. Corn Production

U.S. Average Production and Yields

Average U.S. yield for the 2011 crop is projected to be 9.2 mt/ha (146.7 bu/acre), 0.4 mt/ha (6.1 bu/ acre) lower than the 2010 corn crop and the lowest average yield in the past five years.
The number of hectares harvested in 2011 is projected to be 34.0 million (83.9 million acres), 1 million hectares (2.5 million acres) more than in 2010, and the greatest since 2007.
Total U.S. corn production for 2011 is projected to be 312.7 mmt (12,310 million bushels), about 3.5 mmt (137 million bushels) lower than 2010, yet the fourth largest crop on record.
The large U.S. corn production experienced in 2009 was due to a high average yield, while the lower total production in 2011 is primarily due to the lower average yield.

County and State Level Production

The geographic areas included in the Harvest Report corn quality survey include the highest producing counties in the U.S. This can be seen on the U.S. map showing 2010 corn production by county. Projected state-level production in 2011 differed from 2010 production for several of the twelve states included in the Harvest Report corn quality survey:

  • Iowa produced 4.6 mmt (181mil bu) more corn in 2011 than 2010, because of both increased acreage and higher yields.
  • Illinois production for both 2010 and 2011 is around 49.3 mmt (around 1,941 mil bu); the fairly flat production level is due to no significant change in acreage or average yields.
  • Increased acres are responsible for Nebraska’s increased 2011 production, 1.3 mmt (51 mil bu) more than in 2010.
  • Minnesota’s lower 2011 average yields overshadowed its increased acreage, resulting in a net decrease of 1.7 mmt (68 mil bu) production from 2010.
  • Other notable 2011 production differences from 2010 include severe drought in Kansas impacting yields (a 20% decline from 2010 yields) and adverse weather conditions in Ohio and Indiana resulting in lower yields accompanied by fewer acres.