Clarck’s 15 Years Filled With Memories And Fun

Mevis Clarck, the Council’s accounting coordinator in the D.C. headquarters, was recognized for 15 years of service to the organization at the virtual 18th International Marketing Conference and 61st Annual Membership meeting last month.

Clarck coordinates accounts payable systems and provides accounting support to the global programs department, accounting managers and the director of finance and administration.

“I began my work with the Council in July of 2005. I read about the position in The Washington Post,” Clarck said when asked about her tenure. “I applied to the job along with a few others and was given three job offers on one day. What a coincidence! But I chose to accept the job with the Council.”

Clarck said she has made a lot of memories with her colleagues in 15 years, but she is fondest of the Council’s summer picnics.

“My favorite memories with the Council took place at the all-staff summer picnics. We all had a lot of fun being outdoors and playing games,” Clarck said. “The funniest memory took place when we picnicked at a lake in Virginia. We played a game in which we had to pass a rope through the loop of the belt. I was standing next to Adel [a former colleague], who was well over six feet tall. I am five-foot-two, so you can imagine how challenging it was to get the rope through without using our hands.”

Clarck also revealed the Council will be her last job.

“I enjoy my job very much. Being with the Council will be my last professional job, as I plan to retire here,” Clarck said.

Please join us in celebrating Mevis Clarck for 15 years of developing markets, enabling trade and improving lives!

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