Global Demand For Ethanol Is On The Rise

The global ethanol market has grown from more the 4.5 billion gallons (17 billion liters) in 2000 to more than 26 billion gallons (100 billion liters) in 2017.  Concerns about the environment, air quality and human health have led governments to find renewable contributions to transportation fuel.  Ethanol has become a preferred fuel component as countries implement policies that address these issues, work to develop rural economies and diversify their fuel sources.

Ethanol trade totaled more than 2.1 billion (8 billion liters) in 2017 as countries increasingly recognize the role for trade in meeting policy mandates. More than 60 countries currently have ethanol policies – a number that is growing as countries seek to capture the benefits of ethanol.

The U.S. Grains Council is working with partners around the globe to develop and expand the worldwide ethanol market.


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