The Advantages of Buying U.S. Corn

In the United States, our commodity-based system boasts economies of scale, speed of harvesting/handling, flexibility, ease of replacement or substitution, forward contracts, risk management and fungibility.

U.S. corn is competitive and available, high-quality and sustainably produced. The U.S. is a reliable and consistent shipper of U.S. corn that meets the contracts our global customers sign. This transparency allows U.S. corn to remain competitive in the international marketplace.

U.S. corn has many advantages. While price is a clear one, buyers also get built-in advantages including transparency in pricing, reliable delivery, the U.S. government’s inspection service, contract sanctity, corn quality data and customer servicing offered by no other origin.

Our competitors cannot offer these same benefits, period.

Feed Industry

The global corn market is increasingly competitive, and the U.S. Grains Council believes that the availability of accurate, consistent and comparable information is in the long-term interests of all concerned.

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Industrial Starch Industry

In the data collection and analysis of samples of U.S. corn and corn originating from the Black Sea, India and South America, the conclusions have consistently shown U.S. corn has notably higher starch yields in wet milling.

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