USGC Engages Algerian Buyers on Corn, DDGS

The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) recently reached out to Algerian buyers at a conference in Algiers focused on corn and distiller’s dried grain with solubles (DDGS) that was designed to encourage a renewed look at the advantages of U.S. feed ingredients.

Algeria is import dependent on corn, with total purchases rising in recent years from approximately 2.8 million metric tons (110 million bushels) in 2010 to 4.1 million tons (161 million bushels) in calendar year 2014.

“This is an important North African market for U.S. corn,” said Cary Sifferath, USGC senior director of global programs.

Algeria Begins Importing U.S. DDGS and CGF

Using MAP funds, the USGC  has been educating the larger commercial feed companies and other large end-users in Algeria about the benefits of utilizing DDGS and CGF in livestock rations. The Council sees opportunities for these products fitting well into both the Algerian poultry and dairy industries. In 2013, Sarl Nutrimag, an Algerian commercial importer, made the first-ever purchase of U.S. DDGS and CGF into Algeria.  In combination with technical assistance and training for end-users, this is an opening for additional purchases of U.S. corn products in the future.

Market Profile - Algeria

Supply/Demand Basics

  • Steady growth of corn imports, 4.1 MMT in 2016.
  • Barley imports fluctuate depending on local production, 751 TMT in 2016.
  • No imports of corn co-products.
  • Corn quality a concern but also very sensitive to price.

Country Overview

  • Population: 40.4 million
  • Population growth rate: 2.27%
  • Urban %: 70.13%
  • Urban growth rate: 2.77%
  • GDP: $551.8 billion
  • GDP growth: 4.11%
  • GDP per capita: $14,259
  • State-dominated economy with restrictions on imports and foreign investme

Algeria: Council Success Yields Growing Results


In September an Algerian commercial importer made the first ever purchase of U.S. distiller's dried grains with solubles (DDGS) and corn gluten feed (CGF) into Algeria. This was made possible in part by U.S. Grains Council efforts that led to the successfully removal in September 2012 of the value added tax (VAT) and custom tax on all feed imports in Algeria, including DDGS and CGF.

USGC Sees Program Fruition: Algeria Imports US Corn Products for First Time

The U.S. Grains Council, in September 2012, successfully fostered the removal of the value added tax (VAT) and custom tax on all feed imports in Algeria, including distiller's dried grains with solubles (DDGS) and corn gluten feed (CGF). Last week that effort paid off with the first importation of the high-value U.S. products into the nation.


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