Kansas Grain Sorghum Farmer Expects Good Growing Season


Adam Baldwin, who farms in central Kansas, said although he hasn’t planted his grain sorghum yet, he’s looking forward to a successful growing season thanks to much needed moisture that he received late in the spring.

“We’re set up to have a really good crop this year,” he said. “Although we’re getting in the field later than we planned, planting later is typically better for the crop.”

Officers Mission to Cuba: Digging Deeper Into Opportunities/Challenges

The Obama Administration’s efforts to normalize trade with Cuba continue, with an announcement this week that embassies will re-open in Havana and Washington this summer. However, many trade restrictions remain in place that can only be effectively addressed by the U.S. Congress – and that continue to stymie U.S. grain exports to Cuba.

Tailored Traits Improve Corn Crop

Biotechnology is a critical tool used by U.S. corn farmers to produce a safe, high-yielding, quality crop in varying growing conditions while reducing the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Still, the genetic quality, diversity and specificity in a bag of corn seed begins with a conventional breeding program that develops germplasm that is specific for the soil and environment where it is intended to grow.

Technology Use On U.S. Farms

Multiple forms of technology are available to improve production on the United States’ 2 million farms of all sizes. Beyond computer and Internet access, which is available on about 71 percent of U.S. crop farms (2013 report), various methods of technology are used in coordination with one another to increase efficiency, minimize labor and enhance sustainability.

Precision Agriculture Improves Efficiency For U.S. Producers

A farmer demonstrates the precision agriculture system used in a tractor on his farm.

When U.S. farmers replaced their horse-drawn equipment with tractors in the early 1900s, their crop productivity took a mighty leap forward. Technology on the farm has continually evolved to increase efficiency, improve yields and drive production and profitability. In the 21st century, this is due in part to the development of precision agriculture tools.


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