2010 US Corn Harvest Ahead of Schedule, Reports of Excellent Quality

Sixty-eight percent of the U.S. corn crop has been harvested so far this year, compared to just 16 percent in 2009, according to USDA’s Crop Progress Report, nearly double the five-year average of 39 percent.

Illinois reported 93 percent harvested compared to 10 percent in October 2009. This trend is also seen in other states including Iowa, 66 percent harvested compared to 9 percent in 2009; and Minnesota, 47 percent harvested compared to just 3 percent harvested in 2009.

US Ag Secretary: US, Japan Moral Responsibility to Feed the Future

Tom Vilsack

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told more than 300 attendees at the U.S. Grains Council sponsored Global Food Security Symposium that the United States and Japan have a special and unique responsibility to respond to challenges in food security.

The Global Food Security Symposium was part of the “Partners-in-Agriculture” series of events, targeted to commemorate the 50 years of agricultural trade partnership between the United States and Japan. The Symposium was held in Tokyo, Japan, April 7. 

USGC to Celebrate U.S., Japan Trade Partnership at Global Food Security Symposium

For more than 50 years, the United States and Japan have enjoyed a partnership that has yielded more than $280 billion in sales of U.S. food and agricultural products to Japan, creating a relationship that has helped cater to the needs of Japanese consumers while fueling the U.S. economy.

To celebrate the success of this relationship, which also helped plant the seeds for the U.S. Grains Council 50 years ago, the Council is sponsoring the Global Food Security Symposium in Tokyo, kicking off the Partners-in-Agriculture event April 7. 

U.S. Grains Council Announces Upcoming Global Food Security Symposium

Event Brings Together U.S. and Japanese Government and Agribusiness Industry Leaders to Discuss How to Feed a Growing World

Today at the annual Commodity Classic event, U.S. Grains Council Chairman Rick Fruth and Senior Vice President of Operations and Industry Relations Keith Heffernan announced the tentative lineup of speakers for the upcoming Global Food Security Symposium, sponsored by the U.S. Grains Council.

US Grains Council President and CEO Speaks at FOODEX JAPAN Event

At a news conference held March 2, before the opening of the FOODEX JAPAN trade show, U.S. Grains Council President and CEO Thomas C. Dorr joined the U.S. Ambassador to Japan and several Japanese food industry leaders to announce the upcoming “Partners in Agriculture” events.

The “Partners in Agriculture” events celebrate 50 years of the U.S., Japan agricultural trade relationship. “Partners in Agriculture” events will take place between March and June 2010, and are organized by USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS).

U.S. Grains Council Hosting News Conference at Commodity Classic

U.S. Grains Council Chairman Rick Fruth and Senior Vice President of Operations and Industry Relations Keith Heffernan will host a news conference at the Commodity Classic event in Anaheim, Calif., Friday, March 5, 2010. Fruth and Heffernan will announce “Partners in Agriculture” events and activities and discuss the Council’s involvement.

The “Partners in Agriculture” events will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Iowa-Yamanashi Sister State relationship, which sparked the USDA’s cooperator programs, the famous “hog-lift” and the start of the U.S. Grains Council.


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