Flint Hills Resources LLC

Ryan Hubbell

Flint Hills Resources is an independent refining and chemicals company. It strives to create value for its customers and society – through the way its facilities operate, its efficient use of resources, the products it produces and markets, and its involvement in its communities. The company, based in Wichita, Kan., has expanded its operations through capital projects and acquisitions worth more than $6.2 billion since 2002.

The following Flint Hills plants are members of the U.S. Grains Council:
Flint Hills Resources Fairbank LLC is a 115 million-gallons-per-year plant that began operation in 2006 as the second ethanol production facility in the Hawkeye Renewables system. The facility consumes about 41 million bushels of corn annually and produces about 980 tons of DDGS per day.
Flint Hills Resources Fairmont LLC is a 115 million gallons-per-year ethanol plant that began operations in 2007. The plant was designed by ICM and built by Fagen, Inc. Flint Hills Resources Renewables, LLC acquired the plant on Dec. 7, 2012.
Flint Hills Resources Iowa Falls LLC is a 100 million-gallons-per-year ethanol plant that was expanded to its current capacity in 2006. The plant uses 36 million bushels of corn per year and produces about 860 tons of DDGS each day. The plant was the first plant in the Hawkeye Renewables system and was originally constructed as a 50 million-gallons-per-year plant. It began operations in November of 2004.
Flint Hills Resources Menlo LLC is a 115 million-gallons-per-year ethanol plant that was completed in September, 2008. The plant uses 41 million bushels of corn per year and produces about 370,000 tons of DDGS each year. The plant was the third plant in the Hawkeye Energy Holdings system.
Flint Hills Resources Shell Rock LLC is a 115 million-gallons-per-year ethanol plant that was completed in October, 2008. The plant uses 41 million bushels of corn per year and produces about 370,000 tons of DDGS each year. The plant was the fourth plant in the Hawkeye Energy Holdings system.
Flint Hills Resources Arthur, LLC is a facility that produces 110 million gallons per year of ethanol located in Arthur, Iowa. It began operations in September 2008 and is proud to buy locally planted corn and produce renewable energy products and pet food with value aggregate.

Green Plains Trade Group (GPRE) LLC

Evan Beckner
1811 Aksarben Drive
Omaha, NE 68106

Green Plains is the 4th largest ethanol producer in the world, a vertically integrated company based in Omaha, Nebraska. We own and operate 14 ethanol plants in Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia, with approximately 1.2 billion gallons of total annual ethanol production capacity. We also operate an independent third party ethanol marketing business, Green Plains Trade.

Green Plains has direct export access via storage in the Gulf Coast, and has loaded single shipments up to 40,000 metric tons.  Green Plains is capable of producing a very wide array of fuel ethanol grades:

  • Denatured Fuel Ethanol (ASTM D4806)
  • Undenatured Fuel Ethanol (ASTM D4806 except for denaturant)
  • Various China specs
  • Various India specs
  • Anhydrous ANP
  • PNS
  • EN
  • EN with ISCC
  • Peru
  • Others with deviations to the specs already listed

Homeland Energy Solutions

Stan Wubbena

Homeland Energy Solutions is registered with MOA China

Homeland Energy Solutions, LLC operates an ethanol processing plant which produces 100 million gallons of ethanol annually from 37 million bushels of corn using a 2.8:1 conversion ratio. Based in Lawler, IA, the facility serves corn producers in an 11 county area in northeastern Iowa. The purchase of the 37 million bushels of corn will increase the demand for corn and increase its market value. Based on existing industry experience a projected value increase is expected between $.05 and $.08 per bushel. This would amount to an increased income of approximately $1,850,000.00 to $2,960,000.00 annually to regional participating producers. The facility would also produce significant distillers’ grains which could increase livestock production.

Illinois Corn Processing

Greg Dare
1301 South Front Street
Pekin, IL 61555

The Pekin dry mill facility has a nameplate capacity of 90 million gallons per year. The plant can operate in a wide variety of production scenarios in which product mix and run rates vary significantly. This flexibility enables ICP to adjust its operations to prevailing market conditions and customer demands, and maximize the value of its product portfolio.

ICP's location generally provides efficient access to raw materials and a variety of end-markets via barge, rail, and truck. Located on the banks of the Illinois River, ICP operates a river terminal that provides efficient transportation of bulk alcohol and distiller dried grains with solubles to desirable markets. The Pekin campus is serviced by a local short-line railroad giving ICP access to multiple Class 1 rail transportation options. Incoming and outgoing trucks have easy access to key Interstate corridors, placing several major metropolitan areas within economic reach of the facility. Additionally, Pekin is centrally located in the U.S Corn Belt, providing ample and cost-effective access to feedstock. Corn can also be brought in from other markets by rail or barge when the need arises

Lakeview Energy LLC

Pete McKinney
Katie Swift
Steve Meyer
300 West Adams
Suite 830
Chicago IL 60606ams

Lakeview Energy handles the marketing, feed stock procurement and risk management for its own biofuels production facilities along with third party customers. Our Risk Management team leverages expertise in multiple commodities to provide innovative pricing and risk management solutions to our clients.

Lansing Trade Group LLC

10975 Benson Drive
Suite 400
Overland Park, KS 66210

Lansing Trade Group is a commodity merchandising company largely focused on the movement of physical commodities including grains, feed ingredients and energy products within North America and internationally. The Company has total storage capacity exceeding 65 million bushels in owned and co-owned space and owns or leases about 40 commodity handling facilities Headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, the company has 13 offices across North American, as well as offices in the United Kingdom, Brazil and China.

Marquis Grain Inc.

Rob Hurley
11953 Prairie Industrial Parkway
Hennepin, IL 61327

Marquis Energy LLC - Hennepin is registered with MOA China
Marquis Energy LLC - Necedah is registered with MOA China

Marquis Grain Inc. supplies golden dried distiller’s grains to markets throughout the world. These markets can be reached by rail, container, and bulk vessel, thanks to the location of the Marquis Energy biofuel facilities. Thanks to a low-heat drying system at Marquis Energy’s Hennepin facility, this uniquely bright product is the real gold standard when it comes to DDGS production. For samples, analysis, or pricing information, please contact us anytime. We look forward to reaching new markets and building mutually beneficial business relationships.

List of commodities:

  • DDGS

Marysville Ethanol

Aric Metevia
Alan Thrush
2512 Busha Hwy.
Marysville, MI 48040

Marysville Ethanol is a fuel ethanol production facility.

Mirasco Inc.

Shenouda Nader
900 Circle 75 Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30339

Based in Atlanta, Mirasco Inc. is a major global exporter and distributor of feed ingredients and raw materials, including corn, barley, sorghum, DDGS and corn gluten meal and feed. Mirasco organizes logistics, finance, and risk management to achieve the maximum results their importers and suppliers. Through global offices located in the US, Uruguay, Brazil, Russia and Egypt, Mirasco is capable of serving its customers worldwide, including importers, distributors and processors. Mirasco's ultimate aim is to build a strong export track record for US grains and co-products to several markets including Asia and the Middle East.

Murex LLC

Ramon Saldana
7160 N Dallas Pwky
Suite 300
Plano TX 75024

Murex has the largest ethanol export facility in the US. Murex has 600,000 BBLS  (100,000 CBM) in Oiltanking Texas City. Murex holds Denatured and Undenatured Ethanol for fuel and industrial markets.

Murex Export Ethanol:

  • EN (Max 0.3 Wt% water)
  • PNS (Max 0.5 Vol% water)
  • ANP (Max 0.7 Wt% water)
  • ASTM (Max 1.0 Vol% water)