15th international Conference and 58th Annual Membership Meeting flyer

Message from the Chairman

Dear Members,

I hope you’ll make plans to join us this coming February at the 15th International Marketing Conference and 58th Annual Membership Meeting to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the current U.S. grain and ethanol trading environment.

The meeting is scheduled for Feb. 12-14, 2018, in Houston, Texas, a top export hub for U.S. ethanol and other exports shipped around the world.

We believe this gathering will be an excellent opportunity for you to engage directly on the most critical issues facing our Friends and Frontiers. Our A-Teams will hold their yearly in-depth sessions to help set our global strategy, and you will have the opportunity to meet directly with the Council’s international directors. The sun never sets on the efforts of these advocates to develop critical markets, dismantle trade barriers and serve our customers overseas. We hope all of our members will interact with these invaluable experts on short-term marketing opportunities and long-term demand growth for U.S. feed grains and co-products like ethanol and DDGS.

Our members are the heart of the Council and we rely on you and our A-Teams to guide the work of our leadership and staff. We appreciate your dedication to sharing the important trade work happening around the world with your colleagues and neighbors, and we welcome you to come and learn about what must be done to continue expanding U.S. exports of corn, sorghum, barley, ethanol, DDGS and more!

I look forward to talking with you in Houston.


Deb Keller