Trade: Another Path to Food Security


Trade means that a country does not have to be self-sufficient in agriculture to be food secure.

Trade can guarantee food security for countries that cannot produce enough food to feed themselves. It helps nations reduce food costs, diversify diets, increase food quality and achieve a level of prosperity that improves the quality of life for their people as well as greater political and social stability.

Trade should be open to all countries. Twenty years ago, few foresaw that developing countries such as China or South Korea or Brazil would be sitting as equal trading partners with established economic powers like the U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan. Today they are, and trade is one of the primary reasons why these and other countries have been able to become such prominent players in today’s global economy.

Japan is an excellent example of how trade enables food security. The U.S. grain farmer and the Japanese livestock producer are the twin pillars of that nation’s food security.