Double Decades Of Trade Promotion Work: USGC Recognizes David Gibson For 20 Years Of Service

David Gibson has spent a lifetime working in agriculture, from raising and racing quarter horses to his current position as the executive director of Texas Corn Producers. The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) recognized Gibson for 20 years of service in this role during the organization’s 59th Annual Board of Delegates Meeting this week in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“I’ve worn many hats throughout my professional career, yet kept a tie to agriculture through it all,” Gibson said. “From my days as an extension agent to managing my region’s grain elevator, I now have 20 years of service – and counting – with Texas Corn Producers.

“What I appreciate about the Council is that it’s a producer-led organization, where producers and staff from across the nation work together to achieve common goals. At the end of the day, we’ve got to remember our work is for the hardworking agricultural producers that are the lifeblood of our economy.”

Gibson has worked to increase the presence of his board members in the Council, doubling participation at Council meetings, on USGC Advisory Teams (A-teams) and on trade missions. Within Texas, he has worked to directly connect his producers with their customers overseas by coordinating trade team visits.

“My most rewarding experiences have been setting up a variety of trade team visits to the state,” Gibson said. “When teams come to Texas, they have the opportunity to gain a broader perspective of the intricacies of the agricultural industry – from the corn field to feedlots and dairies to ethanol plants and even to one of the busiest ports in the country.”

Gibson recalled members from a team whose home country’s animal health regulations differed vastly from the U.S. system. He said it was interesting to see the team gain firsthand experience with the high level of care and requirements the United States places on securing the wellbeing of livestock.

The Council’s work to open, maintain and expand markets through activities like trade teams and advocating for market access is highly visible in Texas, where farmers can deliver grain to elevators on the border or direct to port facilities for other international destinations.

“To me, the overarching purpose of the Council is to build world demand for grains and keep the doors open to all our trading partners,” Gibson said. “The work of the Council is of the utmost importance to our producers, especially in the southern portion of Texas, as many market directly into Mexico.

“When the Mexican trade market is open and operating at a steady pace, our Texas farmers benefit from our checkoff’s and association’s ongoing support of the Council working to keep these markets open.”

When he is not hard at work on behalf of Texas corn farmers, Gibson said to look for him managing cattle or enjoying time with his six grandchildren.

Please join the Council in thanking Gibson for 20 years of service!