MY 22/23 Was Largest Ethanol Export Year To Canada On Record

Following the finalization of its Clean Fuel Regulations (CFR) in July 2023, Canada continued its strong hold as the top market for U.S. ethanol in the 2022/23 marketing year (MY), setting records both monthly and yearly, with exports totaling 603.9 million gallons (214.1 million bushels), worth $1.7 billion, up 135.8 million gallons (29 percent) from MY 2021/22.

This is the largest ethanol export year to Canada on record. Further increases are expected as implementation of the CFR continues and provinces such as Quebec and British Columbia set increasingly ambitious biofuel blending policies.

U.S. ethanol exports experienced its fifth-largest marketing year on record in 2022/23, totaling 1.25 billion gallons (423 million bushels), worth $3.5 billion, down 174 million gallons, or 13 percent from MY 2021/22. Record exports to Canada and sizeable gains in the United Kingdom, Peru, Colombia and Jamaica helped offset losses from South Korea, India, the European Union and Mexico.