South Korea Achieved 65% Year-Over-Year Growth In U.S. Barley Imports

South Korea remained the fourth-largest market for U.S. barley and barley products in MY2022/23 with exports totaling 6,101 metric tons (MT) (300,000 bushels), a 65 percent increase from MY2021/22. The Council’s efforts to promote the functionality and health claims of U.S. barley contributed to the increase in exports of U.S. barley to South Korea.

Mexico topped off the list for barley exports in MY2022/23, purchasing 317,000 MT (14.5 million bushels), down 2.3% from the previous marketing year.

Canada, Japan and Taiwan completed also made the top five for U.S. barley and barley product exports in MY2022/23 as the second, third and fifth-largest markets, respectively.