Dr. Mustapha El Youssoufi


Dr. M. EL YOUSSOUFI serves as a regional consultant for the US Grains Council to promote the use of corn, sorghum, barley and their respective co-products within the ruminant sectors and the feed milling industries that serve them since 1995. In this capacity, he provides activity preplanning, coordination, implementation and follow-up on market development, customer servicing, policy and other market development oriented programs.

Prior to the Council, Dr. EL YOUSSOUFI worked as a Manager of Tizitin Beef Ranch in the Middle-Atlas Rangeland (1977-1981) then moved to a research and teaching position at the National School of Agriculture of Meknes as a Professor at the Animal Science Department. In this Capacity, he has been in charge of teaching and research in Beef Production and Range Animal Productions and served as the liaison for the beef and dairy industries. He also served as a consultant for national and international organizations and as a speaker in industry and associations meetings. Dr. EL YOUSSOUFI holds a PhD from Texas A&M University in Rangeland Ecology and Management.