Council Honors Yusupov for 10 years of Service

Adel Yusupov

Adel Yusupov, now the U.S. Grains Council regional director for Southeast Asia, first came to the Council 10 years ago as a summer intern.

"He was a remarkably smart guy, a fast learner and a hard worker," remembers Mike Callahan, who headed the Council's Asia programs at the time. "He showed a real aggressive spirit to get things done, and he had a good personality to get along with a wide variety of folks."

Julius Schaaf, USGC chairman, makes a similar assessment: "He's an ambitious, talented person who wants to get things done, always helpful and always very organized."

DDGS Gaining in Southeast Asia

DDGS Graph

The strength of U.S. distiller's dried grains with solubles (DDGS) exports have been bright spot in a tough year for U.S. feed grains, with especially strong export growth in Southeast Asia setting the pace. Through the first half of calendar year 2013, total U.S. DDGS exports are up 6 percent. In Southeast Asia, however, growth clocked in at 9 percent, with major gains in Thailand (up 53 percent) and Indonesia (up 42 percent) more than offsetting declines in Malaysia and the Philippines. Overall, U.S. exports to the region were up 605,000 metric tons.

Council Expanding US DDGS Market in the Philippines

By Adel Yusupov, U.S. Grains Council Regional Director for Southeast Asia

Usage of U.S. distiller's dried grains with solubles (DDGS) in the Philippines has increased over the years; during 2012 the Philippines imported 164, 526 metric tons, up 12.75 percent from 2011. But there remains potential for growth, and the U.S. Grains Council is continuing to promote U.S. DDGS usage in various regions throughout the country.

Corn Harvest Quality Report: Growing Impact in Second Year

In just its second year, the U.S. Grains Council's Corn Harvest Quality Report is scoring important points for U.S. producers with appreciative foreign buyers. Released on December 7, the Harvest Report is available online and has already been presented to potential buyers and other interested parties in more than 10 major markets around the world, with more briefings on tap.

Over 500 Million Dollars in US Agricultural Products Purchased at SE Asia Buyers Conference

 During the 9th Southeast Asia U.S. Agricultural Cooperators Conference held last month, 1.245 million metric tons of U.S. agricultural products valued at nearly 560 million dollars was sold and or negotiated. The conference was conducted jointly between the U.S. Grains Council, American Soybean Association-International Marketing, United Soybean Board, and U.S. Wheat Associates. Sales of corn and distiller's dried grains with solubles (DDGS) totaled 390,000 metric tons.


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