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The U.S. Grains Council’s DDGS Weekly Market Report provides timely information on DDGS markets, DDGS export figures, shipping information and Council news. The report is a trade and customer servicing tool utilized by U.S. agribusinesses as well international feed and food grains/feed ingredient importers, processors and end-users.

Market Perspectives May 09, 2014

Outlook: USDA released their initial estimates for U.S. feed grain production in the 2014/15 season and the data was somewhat bearish in comparison to market expectations. U.S. corn production in the 2014/15 season is projected to be 13.9 billion bushels as higher expected yields more than offset by the year-to-year reduction in planted area. This corn production estimate is above the average analyst’s estimate of 13.735 billion bushels. One reason for USDA’s larger than expected estimate is that the average U.S. corn yield is estimated to be 165.3 bushels per acre.

Market Perspectives May 02, 2014

Outlook: The July corn contract had followed expectations by opening higher at the beginning of this week, but it stalled on the prospect that corn planting will occur in a more timely manner. By mid-week, corn contracts gave back gains and made charts look decidely more bearish. This section noted last week that corn contracts could be initially supported to higher, down the proceeding couple of weeks and then supported once again prior to pollination. That continues to remain the most likely price action.

Market Perspectives April 25, 2014

Outlook: The nearby May corn contract began this week by continuing to trend lower but the prospects of a return of cool temperatures and a fruther decline in winter wheat conditions allowed the May contract to rebound and return above $5.00 per bushel. Market participants presently seem to have limited interest in driving corn contracts much above the $5.00 level because there is still ample time to get a majority of the crop planted by May 15.

Market Perspectives April 17, 2014

Outlook: Corn contracts spent the first half of this week in a relatively flat trading range before drifting lower into the weekend. The planting pace of 3 percent complete is modestly below the five-year average of 6 percent complete at this time, but that fact is of no significant importance. U.S. farmers can plant 40 percent of the corn crop in a week if weather conditions are conducive.

Market Perspectives April 11, 2014

Outlook: USDA estimates for world agricultural supply and demand were published on Wednesday April 9 and the data was somewhat bullish for feed grains. The estimated ending stocks for U.S. feed grains were reduced because of reductions in corn and barley. The most bullish surprise to market participants was a substantial 125 million bushel increase in the estimate of U.S. corn exports for the present season. That increase in U.S.

Market Perspectives April 4, 2014

Outlook: USDA published important data on Monday with the release of the Grain Stocks and Prospective Plantings reports. Both of these reports were considered supportive to corn prices. The quarterly corn stocks were estimated to be 7.006 billion bushels on March 1, which was below the average pre-report estimate of 7.11 billion bushels. The intended corn plantings of 91.7 million acres was below the average pre-report estimate of 92.9 million acres.

Market Perspectives March 28, 2014

Outlook: The recent increase in price levels of is not diminishing the consistent demand for corn so long as profit margins remain favorable for domestic livestock producers, ethanol plants and foreign buyers. USDA’s Grain Stocks report on Monday will indicate just how strong that demand for corn has been throughout the past quarter. That report will be published in conjunction with the USDA’s Prospective Plantings report. There is already a common consensus that U.S. corn acreage will be down this summer; the uncertainty is by how much corn acreage will be down.

Market Perspectives March 21, 2014

Outlook:Corn contracts spent the week extending a trading range as market participants wait for important USDA reports that will be published on Monday, March 31, which is a little over a week away. However, other factors may have some near-term influence upon grain markets: A primary factor is that Chinese soybean crushers have overbooked beyond their needs and are looking to back out of some purchases. They are looking to do this just as speculators have built a substantially large long position in soybeans.


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